The Administrative

Screening. Contact. Policies. Information.


The appropriate fee for my time is all the material goods I require from you. The things truly needed for mutual pleasure cannot be bought in a store.

However, I know some of you enjoy offering something special and I would like to be spoiled.

You can easily find something for me, and I even offer something for you! Keep reading.

For You

Just for fun!  If you love my Instagram, how about a book of my photos? Not kidding! Chatbooks gives me the ability to do this.

If you schedule with me 2.5-3 weeks in advance and let me know whether you want softcover or hardcover, I’ll get a printed book of 20-30 images and captions into your hands when we meet, as my gift to you. (The regular shipping takes 2 full weeks. Expedited shipping is 5 days and +$25, if you wish.) I can select the photos you like best, or let me decide which ones to include. The book is small and the quality is excellent for what it is.

Due to the way the app is configured, only I can create these books (or a hacker, but that’s not an invitation to hack me). Each time we see each other, you can add another book to your collection…if you wish!

Not For Me

The perfect combination of personal interests and charity! A Richmond-based, vegan food company that supports the incredible Tarahumara native tribes of Mexico. You can buy their Chia bars in Whole Foods. I thank you, and so do the farmers and their families.

The US organization that needs the most help right now is Planned Parenthood. Donate in your name, my name, your dog’s name. Men, women, and families benefit from their services, and have, for a century. I have used them for several health services, as have most women I know. Likely, so have most women you know too.

For Me

It’s time-consuming to maintain the perfect wishlist of individual items, so for the most part, gift certificates will suffice. There are specific gifts I love to get, but those aren’t as simple as click-and-order.

I’m addicted to Pilates both mentally and physically. When I’m at home, my Pilates classes are all private and run about $1400/month. Having my Pilates taken care of is a tremendous gift to my health and well-being.

I’m becoming a regular and it’s the most wonderful addiction one could have. Who doesn’t love having the top layer of their skin scrubbed off, then all the knots worked out with soothing warm oil or lotion? This is yet another gift that cares for my mental and physical well-being. The gift cards have to be ordered by phone and received by mail, either yours (and delivered in person), or mine.

A longtime addiction, I average about a 40g tin per month. You can read all about it and order it direct from Kyoto, or find it on Amazon. This is a gift for my daily life, and when I’m spending hours online redoing my website. 😉
This is another difficult-to-arrange gift. Only one photographer listed offers gift certificates. Two of them I haven’t shot with yet, but would like to. This is a gift that gives you something back!

I See Sexy (new shoot this summer!)
Black Lotus
Point of Vue

Airline credit is always a perfect gift. Either Delta or American Airlines is great. You need to choose the physical physical gift card option and receive it by mail, either yours (and then deliver in person), or mine.

Emailed Gift Cards

The easiest of all. Just order and email to me! (If you know my business email address, feel free to use that instead.)

In no particular order…

Amouage Gold

My signature scent is Amouage Gold. (Yet another gift that has to be mailed to you or me.)

Of course, one must layer her scents, starting with shower gel, then sliding on rich body cream, topping it all with dabs of perfume at the pulse points (all of which are erogenous zones, by the way).

Independent escort
Raleigh. Richmond. DC. Atlanta.
Domestic US and worldwide by request