Gifts: You, Me, Others

The appropriate fee for my time is all the material goods I require from you. The things truly needed for mutual pleasure cannot be bought in a store. But if you want to know about things I like or want, keep reading.

Just for fun and just for you!  If you love my Instagram, how about a book of my photos? Chatbooks gives me the ability to do this. The book is small and the quality is excellent for what it is. Due to the way the app is configured, only I can create these books (or a hacker, but that’s not an invitation to hack me). Each time we see each other, you can add another book to your collection…if you wish!

If you schedule with me 2.5-3 weeks in advance and let me know whether you want softcover or hardcover, I’ll get a printed book of 20-30 images and captions into your hands when we meet, as my gift to you. (The regular shipping takes 2 full weeks. Expedited shipping is 5 days and +$25, if you wish.) I can select the photos you like best, or let me decide which ones to include.

For others, if you wish

I listen to the local classical station around when I’m driving. Help support the arts in North Carolina by donating. Sure, this is self-serving to ask of you since I listen, but as far as I know this isn’t Clear Channel, which makes it worthy of staying on air.

The US organization that needs the most help right now is Planned Parenthood. Donate in your name, my name, your dog’s name. Men, women, and families benefit from their services, and have, for a century. I have used them for several health services, as have most women I know. Likely, so have most women you know too.

for me

It’s time-consuming to maintain the perfect wishlist of individual items, so for the most part, gift certificates will suffice. There are specific gifts I love to get, but those aren’t as simple as click-and-order.

Emailed Gift Cards

The easiest of all. Just order and email to me! (If you know my business email address, feel free to use that instead.)