The Administrative

Screening. Contact. Policies. Information.

How To Reserve Your Time

Simply read and follow each step below. That’s it! I’ve made this as easy as possible for you, and hopefully have clarified my particular process and idiosyncrasies. Getting the administration side of things out of the way as smoothly as possible is the only way to go about it. It’s certainly not the most interesting page on my site, I know.

If you ask a question that’s covered by this site (and I cover 90% of your questions), I’m just going to tell you to read the appropriate page. So it’s best if you read the site first, especially since the important stuff is covered on the About and the Date or Classic pages.

My site is mostly about me sharing the information you need to know, and covering common questions. My social media is more relaxed and fun. And then we meet and it’s only about us!

.01 Initial Contact and Screening

I have a handy screening form below, and I prefer you use that, if at all possible. If you prefer not to use a form, I need:

  • your full legal name, date of birth, email, and/or phone
  • city and state where you reside
  • name of the company you work for and/or its website, switchboard number, or your direct line
  • date, time, duration, and type of booking requested

Refrain from sexual references or fantasy writing through the initial screening process or I will not see you.

If you’re unsure of where I am or where I will be, my Calendar is always kept current.

Please note:
I do not accept discussion board handles as the entire screening process. Memberships and/or Whitelists are irrelevant to me, as are your references.

Same day requests do not work out, unless you’ve pre-screened. As much advance planning as you can manage is always ideal. (Very advance planners can also get a gift from me, gratis. See Largesse for details.)

.02 My Review Policy

Please note: reviews are not allowed. Seeing me means you understand this.

.03 Contact Me

My screening form and email address are below. Feel free to use the one that makes you most comfortable. My screening requirements remain the same.

.04 Response and Deposit

You will not receive a response if you don’t pass screening.

Along with a positive response, you’ll receive specific deposit information. A $200 minimum deposit is required of everyone and the general details can be found on my Deposits and Cancellations page.

.05 The Day Of

After I receive your deposit and we agree on a time to meet, working out any details that need to be arranged…relax! You will not be forgotten. I’m relaxed in knowing you’ll be there as promised and everything that needs to be done, is. The only thing I have to do now is figure out what to wear!

I always confirm the morning of, and give details then. If you are running late, please alert me as soon you know you’re late.

Bringing water for both of us is always a good idea. My favorite is Aqua Panna (Fiji works if you can’t find Aqua Panna). Staying hydrated is very important for our bodies to function at their peak! 😉

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