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Pursuit, Yours and Mine

I relish a genuine connection that leaves my heart beating faster, wondering when I’ll get to see you again. It is what I truly yearn for as a companion. Those who have given me my best memories are my guide and inspiration behind my words.

If this is also what you seek, then read the site fully, peruse my Instagram and blog, because I want someone who is interested in Amaia, the person, even beyond Amaia, the woman whose physical features you like. If all you want is a basic sketch and information, then the site contains everything you need.

About Me

If you browse my Instagram, you’ll notice I like seeing, doing, experiencing. I don’t like performing, posing, exhibiting.

I like exploring and one of the things I like exploring most is other people. I’m not psychic, but I am a responsive, warm listener, naturally-inclined and honed by experience. Kindness and attentiveness is a dying art, and certainly hard to find with a fully-scheduled life.

Often, I’m shyer than expected when we meet. Underneath all that INFJ introvertedness is a compassionate, empathetic soul. I can be earnest to a fault. Empty flattery and hollow words don’t come easily to me; sweetness and honesty does. My sense of humor is wry and often obscure, or dark, or completely corny. Sorry in advance.

I wholly enjoy getting to pick the brains of men who have accomplished things and done things I will never get to do (e.g., I’m not very likely to become a stock trader even though I understand the concept, nor am I going to win a marathon anytime soon). For me, this is a real perk of companionship.

You are…

…above all else, masculine.

You truly love women and all things feminine. You love fucking, bringing pleasure with your body. You’re neither timid or inexperienced, yet don’t think the words “performance” and “sex” belong in the same sentence.

You long to lose yourself in the moment with a highly-responsive woman, not an actress who fakes orgasms or interest. You want a sexually-experienced woman who savors you because you’re a man. Such a woman excites you, not intimidates you. Real is sexy to you, as it is to me. Genuine is your preference for all things, especially the quality of your relationships.

Though you’re successful, you don’t rely on labels to denote quality (you like what you like). You’re an intelligent man hiding a strong sensual streak under your workaday suit (or uniform!). You’re not indecisive and prefer to be a man of action, rather than letting life happen to him.

With rare exception, you’re no younger than 35. I like men with a certain amount of life experience, gravitas, and worldliness. Such men are a counterpoint to my sweetness and softness. Yin to yang. That’s the ideal, isn’t it?

But…if you think your erections are the be-all, end-all aspect of our time together to the point where you use a pill to attain them, you’re not the man for me.

About Us

I want to meet my sexual match. I’m healthy, in my 30s, and experienced. My match is going to be an exceptional man. He’s who I like the best.

On the non-cerebral side,  I want you to fuck me and I want to revel in how good your cock makes me feel. I don’t know how good our chemistry will be until we fuck, I don’t really know a man until he’s fucked me.

I don’t like having to perform orgasms. I prefer sex to feel genuine, whether it’s just cuddles, or basic vanilla, or break-the-bed. I like to be free to respond naturally, and I hope you respond in kind.

If I felt sex was a performance, I’d be doing it on camera or on a stage for an audience. Having sex with someone that I hopefully like (and who hopefully likes me back) is the starting point, and it’s not a “performance.”

More than anything, I love to be touched by someone who knows how. By someone who can appreciate the art of the natural curves of a woman, the delicate nature of my nerve endings, who instinctively knows true luxury isn’t something that can be bought, it’s sensual indulgence for its own sake.

You should leave me with that special glow that comes from simultaneously feeling sexually appreciated and drained. You know you’ve gotten me there when I’m all giggles and fuck.

Chemistry as defined by Amaia

Everyone is different and I respond naturally to you and the moment we share.

Chemistry has very little to do with appearance, age, race, or size but has almost everything to do with your attitude and how well we fuck together. (Secret tip: Making me come a lot deludes me into believing we have chemistry.)

Desire is both a reciprocal energy and a circular one. It feeds on itself, until it reaches a peak frenzy and then slowly cools. This is the natural progression I’m most comfortable with, which is why I prefer to begin over cocktails or dinner. Let nature take its course with both of us.

Field Guide to Amaia

My name is pronounced uh-MY-yah. The traditional meaning of my name. And the meaning of my name in Urban Dictionary by someone who clearly knows me!

  • A taller-than-she-seems 5’8″
  • Always shiny red toenails
  • Notably soft, smooth skin
  • Orders Green Tea Lattes at Starbucks
  • Wears identifiable bracelet
  • Scowls at non-frequent fliers in precheck
  • Often uses a Leica Q

Taken Neat, Please

I do not like pretending to like you, I want to actually like you. I’m a terrible actress and worse liar, though I am polite.

So while I’m not good at inflating your ego if that’s your expectation; I’m perfect for a man who likes women like his bourbon: no ice, a little sweet, a little complex, a little spicy, and no watering it down to blandness.

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